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Acknowledgement and Thanks to the following who have made significant and/or important donations to the SIOC archives.

Mr Arthur Hughes

Mr Hans de Ridder

Mr John Scott

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Hill, Norman & Beard - Christchurch

Correspondence Files 1920's - 1950's - indexed

Drawings and plans 1920's - 1950's - indexed


South Island Organ Company

Correspondence Files                                                                       1968 - Present

Plans, Drawings and Soundboard Rubbings                                    1968 - Present

Workshop files                                                                                   1968 - Present

Photographs and digital images                                                         1968 - Present

Audio visual documentation of restoration work                               1990 - Present


J. Strachan

Work Books                                                                                          1960's - 1970's

Miscellaneous Plans                                                                            1960's - 1970's








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Anon., Furniture New Zealand - November / December 1998

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Manuscript Notebooks and Scrapbooks

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