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Arthur Hobday organ. Jan 2007


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This is the 1901 Arthur Hobday organ we recently restored for the Christchurch Association of Organists Inc. and installed in the splendid Luttrell Bros. Chapel of St John of God at Halswell, Christchurch. It was dedicated and opened on 17 December 2006 with a memorable recital by Michael Stewart who ably demonstrated the worth of the organ and the value of the project.


We have enhanced the musical potential of the organ by reinstating the missing Swell Horn 8, and the addition of prepared for Pedal Echo Bourdon 16 and Flute 4 stops. We have enhanced its appearance by adding new side casework panels in stained and French polished Kauri and repainting the metal and wood façade pipes in gold and red ochre. We have enhanced player comfort by lightening the touch and providing a new adjustable bench. We have enhanced its winding by reinstating the original hand-pump and provision of a new silent electric blower.  We have renewed all the worn, damaged and defective parts in sympathy with recognized conservation practice to ensure that it performs long and well.



Hobday originally built the organ for St Mary of the Angels Catholic Church, Wellington who used it in their old and new Church for nearly 60 years until they installed a new Croft organ in 1958. Since then it has been in the Parish Church of the Redemptorist Monastery at New Brighton, Christchurch, until its closure in 2001.


Whether you play, look or listen to this organ we think you will agree that the $190,000 cost of its first restoration after a century of service is a worthy investment in New Zealand’s cultural heritage. We hope you will join us in congratulating the Christchurch Association of Organists for their vision and courage in undertaking the responsibility of the gift from the Redemptorist Brothers, and the Brothers of St John of God for accepting it.


Hobday Organ Specification: Tracker Action to Manuals, Pneumatic to Pedal, Lever Swell.



Open Diapason 8,
Claribel Flute 8, Dulciana 8,
Principal 4, Fifteenth 2,
Sw to Gt,
Sw Sub to Gt


Open Diapason 8,
Gedackt 8,
Gamba 8,
Suabe Flute 4,
Piccolo 2,

Horn 8,


Bourdon 16a,
Echo Bourdon 16,
Bass Flute 8a,
Flute 4a,
Gt to Pd,
Sw to Pd.

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