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Organ Australia News Update: Feb 2010


South Island Organ Co Ltd: Organ Australia News Update: February 2010


St Georges’ Anglican Cathedral Perth WA: Recent tonal regulation of the Positive Scharf IV by Patrick Elms and Colin van der Lecq completes our contract to clean and tonally regulate the 1995 west gallery mechanical action 46/3 organ by Knud Smenge.  Addition of a new Contra Bombarde 32’ to the Pedal division as an extension to the Bombarde 16’ and a gilded brass Fanfare Trumpet 8’ to the Great Division is our new project for this organ. Joseph Nolan, guest recitalist for the 2010 *NZ National Congress of Organists in Timaru (4-7 June) is the Director of Music.

St Mary’s Catholic Cathedral Perth WA:  After 18 months in the factory and 3 months installation the rebuilt 1910 Dodd/Gunstar 3/71 west Grand organ and 1905 Hobday 2/17 Chancel organs were completed and used for the official re-opening ceremonies of the rebuilt Cathedral on December 6, 8 and 10. Installing the two organs in conjunction with the final stages of the Cathedral rebuilding project was challenging, but the end result has proved to be one of the most artistically satisfying in the history of the Company and brings our stable in WA to six organs beginning in 1997 with two at St Patrick’s Basilica Fremantle.  The two St Mary’s organs are linked by fibre-optic cable and have their own mobile consoles. The rebuilt Cathedral is a uniquely satisfying space incorporating a new crypt, tower and nave with an extremely good acoustic (6 seconds reverb.) and exciting musical possibilities. The Hobday organ was built for Newtown Methodist Church Wellington and has been redundant for 25 years in SIOC storage, awaiting a worthy project. Both Dodd and Hobday trained with George Fincham in Melbourne, so it is fitting that these two fine instruments should end up working together in such a rewarding space. Jacinta Jakovcevic is the Director of Music. 

St Peter’s Anglican Church Wellington:  Restoration and reconstruction of the fire damaged 1885 Hill/L&O/Croft 3/26 organ is now in full swing at the factory and the work in progress will be a feature of this year’s June 4-7 *NZ Congress of organists in Timaru. The work includes provision for dual mechanical and electric action with a new attached replica console. We are reconstructing the instrument (with some additions) on historical principles, though it has been greatly altered in previous rebuilds and water damaged in the fire. The diapered façade pipes have been sent to Melbourne for restoration by Mark Nobel, who is also restoring the façade pipes of St Peters original 1872 Hill organ reacquired for a possible west-end division. Dianne Halliday is the Director of Music.

St Mark’s Anglican Church Remuera, Auckland:  Reinstallation was completed in time for Christmas of the 1885 Jones/N&B/L&O/Croft /SIOC 3/40 organ after factory restoration and reconstruction of the swell slider soundboard and offset windchests, pipework, stop-action, tremulant and swell engine, redesign of the organ winding system (3 single and one double-rise bellows, wind control-valves and wind-ducting) and relocation and redesign of the Pedal and Great offset windchests. The work included forward planning for further major reconstruction and restoration work when funds become available. Nicholas Sutcliffe is the Director of Music.

Unitarian Church Ponsonby, Auckland:  Reinstallation of the restored Great and Swell reservoirs was completed in time for Christmas as the first stage of restoration of the historic 1904 George Croft 2/17 organ. This beautiful organ was given to the Church as a concert instrument for the City, (a role it filled admirably until the 1911 Town Hall N&B organ was installed) and has miraculously survived without alteration. Most of its colourful tones can once more be clearly heard, but more fundraising by the small Church community is required to facilitate the remainder of the work and fully revitalize one of the most important heritage organs in Auckland. 

Epsom Methodist Church Auckland:  Work is currently in progress to overhaul the original electrical transmission & combination system of the 1955 George Croft 3/25 organ. This is a now rare example of a resourceful untouched Croft organ of the period, so we are conserving the instrument without alteration.

Mt Eden Methodist Church Auckland: Work is currently in progress preparing the 1954 George Croft 2/23 organ for a major Church restoration and redevelopment project. The organ will be overhauled and sympathetically modified to enhance the new Mt Eden Village community facility which is being funded in part by Auckland City Council.

 St Paul’s Trinity Pacific Presbyterian Church Christchurch:  Work is progressing on factory restoration of the 1905 Hill 3/22 organ which was badly damaged in a recent fire.  The dismantled organ is currently in storage at our workshops and will be completed in two years time for the reopening of the restored Church building.

·         Readers interested in attending the 2010 NZ Association of Organist’s Congress in Timaru

4-7 June should go to www.organz.org.nz or email the Registrar - John Dodgshun This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


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