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Wellington 2012 ORGANZ National Congress.

Wellington 2012 ORGANZ National Congress. from June 1-4 2012.

Weekend Highlights

Friday 6:30pm
SPELLBOUND - NZ Symphony Orchestra with Olivier Latry, Organ
(Wellington Town Hall)

Saturday 7:30pm
Sweelinck to Stanley
(Adam Concert Room)

Sunday 3:00pm
Congress Recital - Olivier Latry
(Wellington Cathedral of St Paul)

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We are also proud that St Peter's Willis Street will play a major part in this years congress.


Waiapu Anglican Cathedral of St John the Evangelist, Napier - New Zealand

The organ of St. John's Cathedral was rebuild and enlarged and opened on the 5th April 2013. The specification and voicing honoured the previous work of the 1974 Croft and 1884 Lewis and introduced an enclosed Solo Division as a 4th manual in memory of the former 1907 Dodd Organ destroyed in the 1931 earthquake. A new 4 manual mobile terraced drawstop console is installed at floor level. The Positive division was relocated to the north loft which formerly was occupied by the console. The Solo division was placed alongside the Swell in the former Positive chamber. The Tromba is also in the North loft with the Positive. The Fanfare Trumpet was completed to full compass .

Positive Division.2013napiercathedral1














Former Organ







New Organ2013napiercathedal2a


2011 Review

The June 2010-11 year has been an enormous rollercoaster rushing from the dizzy heights of Joseph Nolan’s Congress recital and the Congress Choir’s performance of my father’s “Brief Mass” at Timaru’s Sacred Heart Basilica just 3 weeks after his death, to the black depths of the devastating loss of Neil Stocker, Scott Lucy and Paul Dunlop in the 22nd Feb. earthquake collapse of Durham St Church.

In and around these events were highlighted the February 15th opening of our major restoration project for the year by Dianne Halliday at St Peter’s on Willis in Wellington, completion of the 1954 Croft overhaul in the restored Mt Eden Village Methodist Church, opening of the restored c.1860 chamber organ in the Bluestone Church of Wesley College, Clunes VIC. and the dedication of the Geoffrey Gates Memorial Fanfare Trumpet at St George’s Cathedral in Perth WA.

The earthquakes in Christchurch since September 3rd have set us an enormous task, removing, repairing and storing damaged organs, one that will take years to bring to completion, in the as yet unknown shape of the rebuilt City. The front line work is now being headed by Christopher Templeton, Gerald Green and William Walford, with able assistance from Timaru employees, Roger Jones and Shane Stocker, and from Christchurch, Kris Shaw, Ross Weir, Don Hudson and Eric Apperley.


St Lukes Manchester st Christchurch

Removal of the earthquake damaged Organ was undertaken the week of 4th July 2011. The building was demolished with the organ left standing to ensure a safe removal. The nave roof was cut and lifted off the nave and placed beside the building, and the crossing roof was removed and lifted into the nave. The former organ chamber was accessed by a ramp of rubble along the vestry wall. Fortunately the weather was dry for all but the last day in removing the organ.

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Building with the Nave and Sanctuary cleared, the nave roof can be seen behind the organ chamber.


Back of the organ chamber, with the Nave roof in front of it. The roof made a convenient packing and sorting space for the various organ parts and pipes as they were removed. (It had excellent indoor/outdoor flow.)


With the roof lifted off, and the chamber walls taken down to a safe level, the organ could be removed. 


Not a sight that will ever be seen again.....


Showing the rubble ramp we used to get to the organ. The pipes in the center of the picture are resting on what was the top step of the sanctuary floor. The roof is sitting on the nave floor. 


Looking from the organ into what was the side chapel opposite the vestry.


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