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2011 Review

The June 2010-11 year has been an enormous rollercoaster rushing from the dizzy heights of Joseph Nolan’s Congress recital and the Congress Choir’s performance of my father’s “Brief Mass” at Timaru’s Sacred Heart Basilica just 3 weeks after his death, to the black depths of the devastating loss of Neil Stocker, Scott Lucy and Paul Dunlop in the 22nd Feb. earthquake collapse of Durham St Church.

In and around these events were highlighted the February 15th opening of our major restoration project for the year by Dianne Halliday at St Peter’s on Willis in Wellington, completion of the 1954 Croft overhaul in the restored Mt Eden Village Methodist Church, opening of the restored c.1860 chamber organ in the Bluestone Church of Wesley College, Clunes VIC. and the dedication of the Geoffrey Gates Memorial Fanfare Trumpet at St George’s Cathedral in Perth WA.

The earthquakes in Christchurch since September 3rd have set us an enormous task, removing, repairing and storing damaged organs, one that will take years to bring to completion, in the as yet unknown shape of the rebuilt City. The front line work is now being headed by Christopher Templeton, Gerald Green and William Walford, with able assistance from Timaru employees, Roger Jones and Shane Stocker, and from Christchurch, Kris Shaw, Ross Weir, Don Hudson and Eric Apperley.

Val and I as directors of SIOC wish to thank you and hundreds of people from all around the world all for your fantastic support in our recent terrible loss and rebuilding process. Our staff are all making a huge effort and we are thrilled to announce that our 3 men who survived the Durham St collapse are all back at work and doing well. Neil Hooper recently returned to Christchurch to install the Blitz organ. Moritz Fassbender is working hard on St Paul’s Christchurch restoration and Joshua Anderson our young apprentice has just returned and is attending Congress along with myself and Val, Gerald and Denise Green, Christopher Templeton, Anne Hoskins and Margaret Stocker.

The Neil Stocker memorial fund initiative by his wife Margaret and memorial concerts by Christopher Hainsworth in Timaru, Dianne Halliday, Michael Fulcher, Richard Apperley and Paul Rosoman in Wellington, and Dominic Perissinotto in Fremantle were particularly memorable.

As you will see from the list below the year has been full of varied activity.

St Peter’s on Willis, Wellington: April 2010 – Feb. 2011; Restoration and reconstruction of fire damaged 1885 Hill organ.

Wellington Town Hall: Aug. and Dec. 2010; Pedal Open Wood, Solo and Action reservoirs, Solo underaction & stop action overhaul.

Mt Eden Methodist, Auckland: Aug. – Sept. 2010; General On–site Overhaul, including freestanding case modification and completion to suit reconfigured and restored Church complex.

Devonport Methodist, Auckland: July 2010; May 2011; Repair water damage to swell and great soundboards and pipes.

St George’s Cathedral, Perth WA: May - Aug. 2010; Installation of 32 Pedal Contra Bombard, Jan. – April 2011; Installation of Geoffrey Gates Memorial Brass Fanfare Trumpet.

St Andrew’s Presbyterian at Rangiruru, Christchurch: Jan. – Feb. 2011; Overhaul Pedal windchests and Swell stop action.

Southwell School, Hamilton: Sept. – Oct. 2010; On-site Overhaul.

Takapuna Methodist, Auckland: 2010 Intensive maintenance programme.

St Joseph’s Cathedral, Dunedin: Repair water damage to Pedal chests.

Wesley College, Paerata: April 2011; Repair water damage to organ.

St Luke’s, Rotorua: Repair casework and overhaul pedalboard action.

Wesley Methodist, Hastings: Oct. 2010; Renew soundboard underactions.

Terry Templeton, Timaru: 2 manual and pedal Bell reed organ: Restoration.

St Patrick’s, Masterton: Feb. 2011; On-site Overhaul.

Wesley College, Clunes VIC: Oct. 2010; Jan. 2011; Relocation and completion of chamber organ restoration.

St Paul’s Cathedral Wellington: Nov. 2010; Overhaul swell engine, soundboard action; April 2011 addition of Sw.Vox Humana.

Kings College Otahuhu: Minor On-Site Overhaul.

John Scott, Christchurch: Feb. 2011; Installation of Matla residence organ.

St Paul’s Trinity Pacific Presbyterian, Christchurch: Feb. 2010 – June 2011; Restoration of fire damaged 1905 Hill organ.

Pitt St Methodist, Auckland: 2011 Intensive maintenance programme.

Christchurch Earthquake Damaged organs removed to storage for repairs: Oxford Terrace Baptist (pipes), St Matthew’s St Albans (pipes), St Paul’s Dallington, Holy Trinity Avonside, Durham St Methodist (pipes), St Pauls Papanui (pipes), St Augustines Cashmere, St Thomas Fendalton, St Mary’s Pro Cathedral (pipes), St Andrew’s at Rangiruru (pipes). 

Trinity Union, Darfield: Feb. - April 2011; earthquake repairs.

Christs College Pro Cathedral, Christchurch: March 2011; earthquake repairs.  

St Michael and All Angels, Christchurch: May 2011; Temporary installation of “Blitz” organ and removal of earthquake damaged Bevington organ for restoration.

Wesley Methodist, Papatoetoe: May 2011; On-site overhaul.


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