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Wellington Town Hall, Wellington

The organ was restored as an historic instrument in1986 for the Wellington City Council (consultant Maxwell Fernie) and still retains all its original specifications and special features. The key action is a two stage supply pneumatic system based exclusively on leather diaphragms, operating on 11” w.g wind pressure. The stop and combination actions are similarly operated. Some original weaknesses were corrected during the restoration. These were mostly due to the incredible speed at which the organ was constructed and installed as required by the City Council of the day. The organ was ordered in September 1904 and opened in March 1906.

Carrying out the restoration involved considerable effort and emphasis being placed on repairing the pipework which had suffered severe damage due to earthquakes and metal fatigue. The pitch was slightly raised to C=522 as provided in the original specifications. In the interest of safety in the event of further earthquakes, a number of steel braces were fitted to strengthen the organ casework which was poorly attached to the internal framework.

In 1991-92 the town hall was rebuilt around the organ which necessitated a major cleaning carried out by SIOC. Then in 1999 we carried out pipework repairs to maintain New Zealand’s crown jewel of historic pipe organs in pristine condition.

Double Open Diapason 16 A
Large Open Diapason 8
Medium Open Diapason 8
Small Open Diapason 8
Hohl Flute 8
Corno Flute 8
Principal 4
Harmonic Flute 4
Twelfth III
Fifteenth 2
Mixture 17.19.22 3 rks
Trombone 16
Tromba 8
Harmonic Clarion 4

Bourdon 16 B
Diaphonic Diapason 8
Geigen Principal 8
Rohr Flute 8
Salicional 8
Unda Maris 8
Principal 4
Lieblich Flute 4
Fifteenth 2
Mixture 15.19.22 3 rks
Contra Posaune 16
Horn 8
Oboe 8
Vox Humana 8
Harmonic Posaune 4

SOLO (unenclosed)
Harmonic Claribel 8
Concert Flute 4
Bombard 16
Tuba Mirabilis 8
Tuba Clarion 4

CHOIR (enclosed)
Quintaton 8
Violoncello 8
Echo Dulciana 8
Viol dÓrchestre 8
Voix Celestes II ranks 8
Flauto Traverso 4
Zauber Flute 4
Harmonic Piccolo 2
Schalmei 16
Orchestral Clarinet 8
Orchestral Oboe 8

Double Open Diapason 32 C
Open Diapason Wood 16 D
Open Diapason Metal 16 C
Violone 16 A
Bourdon 16 E
Echo Bass 16 B
Octave Diapason 8 D
Principal 8 C
Flute Bass 8 E
Contra Posaune 32 F
Trombone 16 F
Trumpet 8 F

Pedal organ to great combinations
Pedal organ to swell combinations

Pitch: c = 522 Hz @ 19oC

Swell to great, swell octave to great
Swell to choir, swell octave, swell to pedal,
Solo to great, solo to choir, solo to pedal,
Choir to great, choir octave, choir to pedal,
Choir sub octave, great to pedal

Total number of pipes 3,277

Pressure pneumatic action
Compass: 61/32

Composition of mixtures: Great: Mixture 3 rks
C – f#o 1-3/5, 1-1/3, 1
Go - bo 2, 1-1/3,1
C1 – c4 4,2-2/3,2

Swell: Mixture 3 rks
C – f#0 2, 1-1/3, 1
G0 – f#2 4, 2-2/3, 2
G2 – c4 8, 4, 2

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