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St. John’s Methodist, Nelson

  • 1886 Bishop & Son/Tustin/Lee organ
  • 2 manual, 25 stop, factory rebuilt and restored
  • Officially opened on Sunday June 8 2003 by Paul Brown
The original freestanding casework destroyed in 1965 has been reconstructed from surviving parts and an 1891 photograph. Four original carved angels (one holding a portative organ) crown the façade.
We have reinstated the Great Clarionet to restore the original specification and added a Great Viola 8’ and Lieblich Flute 4’ extended from the Pedal ranks.
On the Swell we have added a Trumpet 8’and Cornet Mixture III.
On the Pedal we have added an Acoustic Bass 32’, Bass Flute 8’, Flute 4’ and Viola 4’ extended from the original Bourdon and Violoncello ranks.
A Muldersoft transmission and capture system complete with MIDI sequencer has been fitted to the rebuilt Lee console.
We have restored the original hand pump reconstructed from surviving parts and have repaired and retained the 1910 Norman & Beard basement reservoir and feeders for later reconstruction of the hydraulic blowing system as a tourist attraction. We have restored the original winding system and wind pressure of 92mm based on one double-rise reservoir and we have replaced the Tustin electro pneumatic action with electromechanical action for optimum performance. This has allowed restoration and strengthening of the original structural framework, which had been dangerously weakened.
Open Diapason    8'
Hohl Flute           8'
Viola                  8'
Dulciana             8'
Principal             4'
Lieblich Flute      4'
Twelfth            2 2/3'
Fifteenth            2'
Clarionet            8'
Swell to Great
Violin Diapason    8'
Lieblich Gedackt   8'
Echo Gamba        8'
Voix Celeste        8'
Geigen Principal   4'
Piccolo                2'
Mixture                III
Trumpet                8'
Oboe                    8'
Swell Octave
Swell Sub Octave
Swell Unison Off
Acoustic Bass        32'
Violone                16'
Bourdon                16'
Violincello               8'
Bass Flute              8'
Viola                      4'
Flute                       4'
Great to Pedal
Swell to Pedal
Muldersoft Transmission and Capture System
  • 64 level piston capture system divided into 1 guest and 3 secure (4-digit pin) user areas with LCD display & administrator key lock.
  • 16 general and 8 divisional piston levels per user area.
  • Divisional guest level 1 combinations set by administrator (Organ defaults to this setting on startup).
  • Independent stop sequencer with LCD display (768 steps per user area) and 26 step alphabetic Insert facility.
  • Sequencer storage by ‚ÄúItem‚ÄĚ. (An item is a package of 96 steps, of which there are 16 per user area).
  • MIDI Sequencer (Yamaha MDF3) for performance recording and playback and additional piston data storage.
  • Electronic metronome in LCD panel with Metre & Beat light, & adjustable volume (0-7). Beep for Metre & click for Beat (0 = silent). Metre range 1-16 beats per bar. Tempo range 30-240 beats per minute.
  • 5 divisional thumb pistons to each department (Great, Swell).
  • 5 divisional toe pistons to Swell (duplicate) and 5 to Pedal.
  • 10 general thumb pistons.
  • Great to Pedal, Swell to Great, reversible toe pistons.
  • Swell to Great, Great to Pedal, reversible thumb pistons.
  • General Cancel, thumb piston.
  • Switch for Great & Pedal Pistons coupled (2 way).
  • Switch for Generals on toe pistons.
  • Thumb pistons for SET and Sequencer NEXT, RESTORE, LAST, functions.
  • COPY facility for User, Level, Item and Step. (Copies to the MIDI Sequencer).
  • LOAD facility for User, Level, Item and Step. (Loads the currently open area with data from another area).
  • Transposer ‚Äď Up to 11 semitones up or down. Transposer setting may be entered in sequencer.
  • Toe piston for NEXT function.
  • MIDI In, MIDI Out, MIDI Through ports.
  • Restart button instantly resets the computer without having to switch off the blower.
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