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St. Paul's Presbyterian, Kaikoura


  • 1899-1900 George Sandford organ
  • 2 manuals and pedal, mechanical action
  • Part overhaul 1986 SIOC
  • Restoration 1999 SIOC
  • Opened 4 December 1999
In the latter half of 1999 our major project was the restoration and development of this 1900 George Sandford organ made in Sydenham, Christchurch.
This 2 manual and pedal mechanical action organ was hand pumped for many years, as Kaikoura was not connected to the national grid until the early 1950’s. Sandford set up a short-lived business in the suburb of Enmore, in Sydney, NSW, specializing in pipe-making, voicing and tuning. The Kaikoura pipes are of his own manufacture.
Open Diapason 8’
Hohl Flote 8’
Bell Gamba 8’* (Halmshaw rank ex St. Mark's Sussex Square / Basin Reserve Wellington)
Principal 4’
Lieblich Flote 4’*
Flautina 2’*
swell to great
Lieblich Gedact 8’
Violoncello 8’
Suabe Flote 4’
Oboe 8’*
lever swell pedal
Bourdon 16’
Swell to pedal
Great to pedal
Additional stops installed in
vacant space using recycled pipes
New ‘Ventus’ electric blower
Pitch – C523.3Hz @ 18_C
Windpressure – 75mm
Hand pump option
* = additional stops
Supported by HotSource IT