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St. Mary's Star of the Sea Catholic, West Melbourne


  • Organ built between 1898 and 1900 by George Fincham
  • 3 manuals, 38 speaking stops, tubular (pressure) pneumatic action
  • Largest organ built in Australia during the 19th century that survives in its original condition
  • First organ classified by National Trust
  • Restored by SIOC 1992-1993
  • Official website: www.stmaryswestmelbourne.org/church.organ.htm

At the time of dismantling the organ was barely playable as it had not received any major attention since the 1940s, and much of the original mechanism had not been repaired since 1900.

SIOC was awarded the contract on account of its demonstrated skill in restoring tubular pneumatic organs, including the large Norman & Beard Grand Organ in the Wellington Town Hall.


Double Open Diapason 16 Z & sm
No. 1 Open Diapason 8 Z & sm
No. 2 Open Diapason 8 Z & sm
Claribel 8 w
Principal 4 Sm
Flute 4 W & sm
Twelfth 3 Sm
Fifteenth 2 Sm
Mixture III rks Sm
Double Trumpet 16 Z & sm
Posaune 8 Sm
Clarion 4 sm
Great Sub Octave
Great Super Octave
Swell to Great Sub
Swell to Great
Swell to Great Super
Choir to Great

SWELL (enclosed)
Bourdon 16 W
Open Diapason 8 Z & sm
Hohi Flute 8 W
Stopped Diapason 8 W
Gamba 8 Sm grooved bass
Celeste 8 Sm TC
Octave 4 Sm
Rohr flote 4 W & sm
Piccolo 2 W & sm
Cornopean 8 Sm
Oboe 8 Sm
Vox Humana 8 Sm
Clarion 4 Sm
Swell Sub Octave
Swell Super, Octave

CHOIR (enclosed)
Hohl Flute 8 W
Gedact 8 W
Dulciana 8 Z & sm
Harmonic Flute 4 Sm
Flageolet 2 W & sm
Clarionet 8 Sm
Orchestral Oboe 8 Sm
Swell to Choir

Open Diapason metal 16 Z & sm
Open Diapason wood 16 W
Bourdon 16 W
Violon 8 W
Bass Flute 8 W
Fifteenth 4 Sm
Pedal Super Octave
Choir to Pedal
Great to Pedal
Swell to Pedal

Sm = spotted metal (lead/tin alloy)
W= wood
Z= zinc (flue pipes longer than 4ft; reed pipes longer than 8ft)

Manual C – c4 61 notes
Pedal CC – f 30 notes

5 fixed thumb pistons to Great
6 fixed thumb pistons to Swell
3 fixed thumb pistons to Choir
3 fixed composition pedals to Pedal
Lever pedal to Swell (left pedal)
Lever pedal to Choir (right pedal)

C – b0 17 19 22
C1 – f3 12 15 17
F#3 – C4 8 12 15

C = 540 Hz @ 19° C (old philharmonic)

Great, Swell and Choir 3-1/4” (84mm)
Pedal and action 4” (103mm)
Ventus 2-1/2hp blowing plant delivering 120mm output

Left case: Swell Organ, Swell reservoir (mounted over the top of the swell box and forming its roof), Pedal Open Diapason Metal 16ft (in façade)

Centre of gallery: Console

Right case: Great Organ, Choir Organ (enclosed in a swell box behind the Great Organ), Pedal Organ (mounted at floor level behind the Choir Organ).
Blowing chamber (over former baptistry and adjacent to right case): Large reservoir (Pedal Organ and action), Small reservoir (Great and Choir Organs), electric blower.

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