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Organ Rebuilds

Our rebuilding philosophy has been to minimize the revealed weaknesses and maximize the potential strengths of the core instrument, to transform it into the most appropriate, enduring and artistic organ for its intended building and associated music-making.

This may involve alteration or enlargement of the specification, modification or renewal of the action, reconfiguration of the console, internal layout and/or casework, and transplantation of the organ to a new position or building. Increasingly over the years the disciplines of conservation and restoration have been applied to our rebuilding work, especially in regard to romantic style organs that were tonally altered in response to the fashionable 'neo-baroque' style of the 1960's and 70's.

SIOC has rebuilt many organs, ranging from classic rebuilds to viturally new instruments. Some examples are Nelson Cathedral and St Paul's Cathedral Dunedin, Christchurch Cathedral, St Mary's Catholic Nelson, St Patrick's Basilica Fremantle, Sydney Conservatorium, Scotch College Melbourne and St Mary's Perth.


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