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EQ Memorial Concert 2019

The Earthquake Memorial Concert was held last Sunday 10 February 2019, a little early this year but this did not detract from the event at all.  In fact, we were blown away by the public response, due in part no doubt to the imminent closure of the beautiful Sacred Heart Basilica for repairs and strengthening.  The closure is expected to be for the rest of this year.

The large audience (around 120) were greeted by the SIOC Directors, and were then treated to a sensitive musical performance from Dr Brett McKern of St John’s Church Gordon, Sydney.    His programme selection was most approachable and yet not lacking in technical skill and depth.  The audience was enthralled from the first sounds of the lovely Rigaudon by Campra to the final piece, Dambusters March by Coates.

As has become the norm, our MD John added to the significance of the occasion with his enjoyable yet poignant baritone solo renditions, this time The Glow Within by Will Reed and his arrangement of Olive Pattison’s The Lord’s Prayer.

The generous donations received from the public will enable us to make a contribution to the Neil Stocker Memorial Fund.

With Love We Remember – Neil, Scott and Paul.  We also remember Ross Weir, our Christchurch assistant who passed away unexpectedly on January 17, 2019.  He was with our men in the February 2011 quake.  Ross brought us his electrical skills, an enquiring mind, his love of music and positive disposition, and he will be missed.

Thanks to Father Brian Fennessy, Helen Simmons and Martin Kane from Holy Family Parish for allowing us to use Timaru’s Sacred Heart Basilica and the Hobday organ. Thanks also to SIOC staff for their valuable contribution and support of the occasion.

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