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St John’s Church, Gordon – Update

11 months into a project, we are pleased to say we are not far away from putting the tools down and to start packing! Factory work of stage 1 is nearing its completion and it is a big milestone. The four-

Sing, Sweet Nightingales

A bus load of beautiful voices from Netherlands turned up at our factory on 5 March 2019. Mostly…

At Violinos

Recently our MD John Hargraves took part in a delightful concert with some other very accomplished musicians!  This…

Mr & Mrs Fassbender!!!

The Team of The South Island Organ Co are thrilled to announce that on Saturday, 2 February 2019…

EQ Memorial Concert 2019

The Earthquake Memorial Concert was held last Sunday 10 February 2019, a little early this year but this…

The Contract Has Landed!

South Island Organ Co Limited is excited to announce that on 31 August 2018 we have been commissioned to build a new pipe organ for St John’s Anglican Church, Gordon, NSW, Australia…

Meet Paul Rosoman

We at South Island Organ Co are very lucky to have a helping hand from Paul when we work on different projects in Wellington or when we come to the capital city on one of our tuning & maintenance rounds…

Organ Pipes

We Would Like to Share with You

Here at SIOC we work hard for our Clients in fulfilling their dreams and aspirations in regards to a musical instrument which is so complex in so many ways…

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More than a Pipe Dream

More Than a Pipe Dream pays homage to the highly skilled individuals in the South Island Organ Company who have dedicated so much of their lives to designing, building and restoring pipe organs, highly complex musical instruments as they are. In these pages you find the story of how this unique company first came to be formed. An impressive amount of detail will be unveiled of its development, achievements and adventures, including secrets of the instruments construction and the art of restoration, all of which is presented in a highly readable manner so that you will never feel overwhelmed by technical jargon.

This book is the work of multi-award-winning writer Jill Worrall.

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