Scotch College – Melbourne

1 Morrison St, Hawthorn VIC 3122, Australia

1930 Hill, Norman & Beard of London; 2003 major restorative reconstruction and rebuild SIOC

GREAT ORGAN   4" wg (slider 1 = >)  5" wg (slider = ^) 
Double Open Diapason16' ^
Phonon Diapason          8'
Open Diapason I            8' ^
Open Diapason II          8' >
Viola                            8' >
Corno Dolce                  8' >
Claribel Flute                8' ^
Principal                        4' ^
Harmonic Flute              4' >
Fifteenth                        2' >
Mixture                        III >
Tromba                          8' (a)
Tromba Clarion               4' (a)
Swell to Great
Choir to Great
SWELL ORGAN   5" wg (slider 1 = >)  7" wg (slider 2 = ^)
Contra Gamba      16' >
Open Diapason        8' ^
Rohr Flute                8' >
Salicional                8' >
Voix Céleste (TC)      8'
Principal                  4' ^
Lieblich Flute            4' >
Harmonic Piccolo      2' >
Dulciana Mixture      V >
Contra Fagotto        16'
Cornopean                8' ^
Oboe                      8' >
Clarion                      4' ^
Sub octave
Unison off
CHOIR ORGAN   4" wg (slider = >)    10" wg (Tromba & Phonon)
Open Diapason            8' >
Zauber Flute                8' >
Lieblich Gedeckt          8' >
Dulciana                      8' >
Unda Maris                  8' >
Concert Flute              4' >
Harmonic Piccolo        2' >
Orchestral Oboe          8' >
Clarinet                        8' >
Phonon Diapason (GT)  8'
Tromba (GT)                8'
Tromba Clarion (GT)      4'
Sub octave
Unison off
Swell to Choir
PEDAL ORGAN   4.5", 12" wg
Double Open Diapason32' (b)
Open Diapason            16' (b)
Violone                        16' (e)
Contra Bass (GT)        16'
Bourdon                      16' (c)
Contra Gamba (SW)    16'
Open Flute                    8'
Stopped Flute                8' (c)
Violoncello                    8' (e)
Contra Fagotto (SW)    16'
Trombone                    16' (d)
Trumpet                        8' (d)
Great to Pedal
Swell to Pedal
Choir to Pedal
Swell expression engine - 16 stage Peterson (double set of shutters on cock rod)
Choir expression engine - 12 stage HN&B (individual shutter motors)
Choir Action 7" wg (swell engine & Slider stop action
Muldersoft Serial Drive Capture and Transmission System with MIDI Sequencer
112 level piston capture system divided into 1 open (guest) and 6 secure (4-digit pin) user areas with LCD display and administrator key lock.
16 general and 8 divisional piston levels per user area.
Divisional guest level 1 set by administrator (read only).
Independent Stop Sequencer with 26-step Insert facility. (1536 steps per user divided into 16 Items of 96 steps each).
Load facility for User, Level, Item and Step.
MDF3 MIDI Sequencer for performance recording – playback and additional sequencer and piston data storage on 2HD floppy disk.
Electronic metronome. Metre 1 - 16. Tempo 30 - 240. Volume 0 - 7. Metre LED. Beat LED.
6 divisional thumb pistons to each department (Great, Swell, Choir).
6 divisional toe pistons to Swell (duplicate) and 6 to Pedal.
12 general thumb pistons.
2 reversible toe pistons for Great to Pedal, Swell to Great.>
6 reversible thumb pistons for Swell to Great, Choir to Great, Swell to Choir, Great to Pedal, Swell to Pedal, Choir to Pedal.
1 thumb piston for General Cancel.
1 switch for Great & Pedal Pistons coupled (2 way).
1 switch for Generals on toe pistons.
3 thumb pistons for Sequencer NEXT, and 1 for RESTORE and LAST, functions
1 thumb piston for SET function.
Toe piston for NEXT function.
Transposer with separate LED display. (11 semitones up or down).
Restart button resets the computer independently of the blower.
Pitch C = 522 Hz @ 21º C
Manual compass: 61 notes
Pedal compass: 30 notes
All ranks of full compass unless otherwise stated

3 manuals, 50 stops, 18 couplers, electro-pneumatic, R&C pedalboard

This has been an intensely challenging but artistically rewarding restoration project for us. The organ was rescued from the redundant Scots Assembly Hall in Sydney and has just been restored and reconstructed in association with PDG Jewkes Pty Ltd of Sydney who were responsible for the console, 32’ pipes and CAD draughting.

The fine new case was designed by Garry Martin and Associates and consultant John Maidment and has strong neo Gothic references. The organ chamber built for the previous organ in the 1950’s has been redesigned to suit the new organ and re-clad in neo-gothic style to complement the Hall’s architecture. It was not enlarged although the new organ is twice the size of its predecessor, so every centimetre counted in designing the layout, which could not be finalised until the new case design was completed at a late stage of the project.

The Choir division is in the lower chamber formerly housing the blower and speaks into the Hall through new grilled openings in the wall. The new blower is housed under the stage and ducted underground and ascends inside a false buttress in the organ chamber wall. The new drawstop console was built by HN&B for their 1960 rebuild of the Hill organ in St John’s Toorak. It was saved from redundancy for this project along with solid ivory drawstops from St Andrew’s Cathedral Sydney. The largest 10 pipes of the Pedal Open Wood 32’ are on display at each side of the podium arch. This organ now speaks eloquently to show the quality of the instrument and the hall it is placed in.

A complete Muldersoft transmission and capture system has been fitted.