St Mary Star of the Sea – Melbourne

33 Howard St, West Melbourne VIC 3003, Australia

1898-1900 George Fincham; 1992-1993 restoration SIOC

Double Open Diapason16' Z & SM
No. 1 Open Diapason8' Z & SM
No. 2 Open Diapason8' Z & SM
Claribel8' W
Principal4' SM
Flute4' W & SM
Twelfth3' SM
Fifteenth2' SM
MixtureIII rks SM
Double Trumpet16' Z & SM
Posaune8' SM
Clarion4' SM
Great Sub Octave
Great Super Octave
Swell to Great Sub
Swell to Great
Swell to Great Super
Choir to Great
SWELL (enclosed)
Bourdon 16 W16' W
Open Diapason8' Z & SM
Hohi Flute8' W
Stopped Diapason8' W
Gamba grooved bass8' SM
Celeste TC8' SM
Octave4' SM
Rohr flote4' W & SM
Piccolo2' W & SM
Cornopean8' SM
Oboe8' SM
Vox Humana8' SM
Clarion4' SM
Swell Sub Octave
Swell Super, Octave
CHOIR (enclosed)
Hohl Flute8' W
Gedact8' W
Dulciana8' Z & SM
Harmonic Flute4' SM
Flageolet2' W & SM
Clarionet8' SM
Orchestral Oboe8' SM
Swell to Choir
Open Diapason metal16' Z & SM
Open Diapason wood16' W
Bourdon16' W
Violon8' W
Bass Flute8' W
Fifteenth4' SM
Pedal Super Octave
Choir to Pedal
Great to Pedal
Swell to Pedal
SM = spotted metal (lead/tin alloy)
W= wood
Z= zinc (flue pipes longer than 4ft; reed pipes longer than 8ft)
Manual C - c4 61 notes
Pedal CC - f 30 notes
5 fixed thumb pistons to Great
6 fixed thumb pistons to Swell
3 fixed thumb pistons to Choir
3 fixed composition pedals to Pedal
Lever pedal to Swell (left pedal)
Lever pedal to Choir (right pedal)
C - b0 17 19 22
C1 - f3 12 15 17
F#3 - C4 8 12 15
C = 540 Hz @ 19° C (old philharmonic)
Great, Swell and Choir 3-1/4" (84mm)
Pedal and action 4" (103mm)
Ventus 2-1/2hp blowing plant delivering 120mm output
Left case: Swell Organ, Swell reservoir (mounted over the top of the swell box and forming its roof), Pedal Open Diapason Metal 16ft (in façade)
Centre of gallery: Console
Right case: Great Organ, Choir Organ (enclosed in a swell box behind the Great Organ), Pedal Organ (mounted at floor level behind the Choir Organ).
Blowing chamber (over former baptistry and adjacent to right case): Large reservoir (Pedal Organ and action), Small reservoir (Great and Choir Organs), electric blower.

3 manuals, 38 speaking stops, tubular (pressure) pneumatic action. Largest organ built in Australia during the 19th century that survives in its original condition.
First organ classified by National Trust.