On-Site and Factory Repairs

With proper maintenance a pipe organ continues to please its audiences for centuries.
Unfortunately, some of the materials it is made of do not last as long and need to be renewed. Adverse nature events or human misadventures may lead to an instrument's shut down or performing undesirably.
Here at SIOC we are always ready to respond to a call of distress, with SOS technicians on hand in most areas.
But experience shows that many emergencies can be prevented therefore after each tuning round our tuners provide reports which may highlight areas of concern for different instruments. We pass this knowledge onto the respected parties, with the suggestion of a solution and cost involved.
An on-site overhaul is something we do very often which saves a lot of money for our Clients in the long run.
When it is impossible or impractical to repair the organ parts on site, we bring them to the factory and deal with the problems in the specialized environment.