Tuning & Maintenance

SIOC offers a nationwide tuning and maintenance service. We focus on raising the performance and reliability of each instrument to its full potential. SIOC never encourages unnecessary restoration, rebuilding or replacement when good maintenance and tuning will keep the wheels turning.

Clients have the choice of a 6-weekly, 3-monthly, 6-monthly, annual or on-request service.

Most instruments are tuned in equal temperament at the established pitch of the organ concerned. Unequal temperaments are available on request.

In Australia SIOC tunes and maintains 17 organs in 3 states around Perth, Melbourne and Sydney on a 6-monthly basis, with appropriate back-up from our local service providers. We firmly believe in the value of maintaining our work and find it highly rewarding and educational.


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More than a Pipe Dream

More Than a Pipe Dream pays homage to the highly skilled individuals in the South Island Organ Company who have dedicated so much of their lives to designing, building and restoring pipe organs, highly complex musical instruments as they are. In these pages you find the story of how this unique company first came to be formed. An impressive amount of detail will be unveiled of its development, achievements and adventures, including secrets of the instruments construction and the art of restoration, all of which is presented in a highly readable manner so that you will never feel overwhelmed by technical jargon.

This book is the work of multi-award-winning writer Jill Worrall.

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