A musical instrument such as a pipe organ is an asset which should be treasured, protected and insured in case of force majeure circumstances. It is often compared to a stained glass window or other work of art and marvellous piece of engineering which never depreciates, but by its presence increases the quality of the space it is in.

With proper maintenance a pipe organ continues to please its audiences for centuries. But in the event of a disaster it is important to know its replacement value, i.e.  the actual cost to replace an item or structure at its pre-loss condition.

Half a century in the industry, South Island Organ Company offers Valuation services to its customers. Our specialist knowledge of the craft and values of the current markets, together with the comprehensive database of the instruments which we have been and are servicing make us the leading firm in this field.


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More than a Pipe Dream

More Than a Pipe Dream pays homage to the highly skilled individuals in the South Island Organ Company who have dedicated so much of their lives to designing, building and restoring pipe organs, highly complex musical instruments as they are. In these pages you find the story of how this unique company first came to be formed. An impressive amount of detail will be unveiled of its development, achievements and adventures, including secrets of the instruments construction and the art of restoration, all of which is presented in a highly readable manner so that you will never feel overwhelmed by technical jargon.

This book is the work of multi-award-winning writer Jill Worrall.

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