Alfred Brake Pipe Organ – circa 1930

This instrument was built by Alfred Brake (1858-1945) c1930. The organ’s early history is unknown, and in 1947 it was sold to St Barnabas, Anglican Church, Roseneath, Wellington.  In this location it had an Open Diapason 8 added by Lawton & Osborne on pneumatic action. The Church sold it in the 1970s to Wellington organist and music teacher Paul Jessen who engaged SIOC to fully restore the organ to original condition in 1982 (removing the Open Diapason and reinstating the Tremulant).

We are selling it on Mr Jessen’s behalf.

Height – 2280mm, Width 1350mm, Depth 1000mm




One manual instrument CC – G compass
Mechanical Action, three stops
Stopped Diapason 8’ (wood)
Dulciana 8’ (Grooved bass)
Principal 4’ (spotted metal bass in façade)
Octave Coupler
Knee-swell pedal
Double rise reservoir and optional foot operated feeder bellows
Electric blower
Medium Oak case
Hinged key-fall